Who are Luna Digital Group? Let's find out...

By HanaTech ltd
schedule11th Mar 22

It’s March! Already 3 months into 2022 and we’re very excited to announce the launch of Luna Digital Group! But what does Luna Digital have to do with HanaTech? Read on to find out…

Luna Digital Group – Launching businesses into Industry 4.0 

On the 28th February 2022 Luna Digital Group launched – but who are they?

We’re a software business, providing SaaS Solutions for the Industrial Sector. As we all know, the world is becoming more digital by the day and every industry is finding their own way to keep up – Fintech, Proptech and Healthtech to name a few. But it’s not just about digitising to ‘stay with the times’. It’s digitising to utilise what’s out there, to improve, to innovate and to transform your customers experience. It’s digitising to attract and retain the best talent and to keep things fresh. Most importantly, it’s digitising to stay ahead of the competition and keep your business relevant yet differentiated. There are many reasons as to why businesses need to digitise, and the Industrial Sector holds no exception.

The Industrial Sector is known to be lagging behind other sectors and Countries, predominantly the Manufacturing sector. But things are looking up, as of recent years more and more SMEs in UK Manufacturing are exploring Industry 4.0 in search of new ways to work and become more efficient, pushing UK Manufacturing forwards. Luna Digital Group are proud to be supporting the Industrial Sector with innovation, but what makes us the experts?

Luna’s owners are experts within the Industrial Sector and providing Software as a Service(SaaS)

You may be wondering why Luna focuses their services to the Industrial Sector. Well, it’s because of their owners. Hana Robertson (you guessed it, HanaTech’s very own MD) and Luke Passmore are the joint owners, with over 20+ years of Industry experience and software development combined. Which is why it’s so perfect! Digital solutions specifically designed for the Industrial Sector based on Industrial Sector experience. As far as HanaTech goes, they are still here to provide the Industrial Sectors with their expert consultancy services, as to embed any new way of working will involve peoples buy-in, training and change management. So now you know who Luna Digital Group are, let’s move on to our company values and ethos…

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