Digital Baseline Review: How will you move from Industry 3.0 to 4.0 ?

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In order to stay ahead of the competition and continue to meet ever increasing customer expectations, companies must continue to automate and innovate, using where possible the latest technology. This is apparent now more than ever, which is why HanaTech are so passionate about supporting manufacturing SMEs to become more successful in today's Digital World.

The Digital Baseline Review has been developed to build a picture of the SME Manufacturing industry baseline for the level of technology / digitalisation in use, and to provide each company taking part with some clear and affordable recommendations for quick wins. The vision is to raise the bar on the level of technology adoption / utilisation within the Manufacturing supply chain to improve resilience and competitiveness.

Benefits are: 

  • Identifies opportunities to optimise productivity and capability
  • Highlights opportunities to digitalise customer experience to improve service
  • Provides independent advice on how to utilise technology innovation to maximise growth and results

The DBR is ideally completed on site though can now be carried out remotely to include a virtual factory tour, and will take no more than 2 hours. Recommendations for improvement will be provided along with an overall % score and ranking. 4 key areas will be reviewed – Customer Journey, Process and Operations, Use of Realtime Data and Innovation & Industry 4.0:


Customer Journey (How Easy Is It for Customers to Trade With You?)

Whether they are new or existing, it is vital for business success for you to ask how easy your current processes allow it for customers to trade with you.

During a review of a business' Customer Journey process, it is typical for companies to currently see the following in their operations:

  • Most sales won through loyal customer base and word-of-mouth
  • Customer interactions based on email, phone, post and fax
  • Areas of ineffiency in Customer Experience

For them to become a "Digital Master" and have more customer centric products and services, we help businesses work towards:

  • Strong e-commerce presence and seamless multi-channel experience
  • Engaged customers posting reviews
  • Whenever, wherever service proposition


Process and Operations (How Efficient Is Your Company?)

During a review of a business' Process and Operations, it is typical for companies to currently see the following:

  • Multiple disconnected systems and manual tasks with minimal data recorded
  • Long set up times
  • Rework caused by lack of process controls

In order to become a "Digital Master", HanaTech typically helps companies to become more optimised and digitalised in the following ways:

  • Integrated end-to-end digital processes and 3rd party systems
  • Intelligent automation to replace manual tasks
  • Automated controls, monitoring and workflow


Use of Realtime Data (How Data Rich Is Your Company?)

During a review of a business' Use of Realtime Data, it is typical for companies to currently experience the following in their operations:

  • Time lag on operational, customer and management information results in reactive decision making
  • Difficult to capture meaningful data

The ultimate aim here is for data to become rich and real time, which we achieve with businesses through them typically taking on the following processes:

  • Real time measurement and full traceability of data
  • Advance / predictive intelligence of analytrics for proactive decision and action
  • Improved targeting with customer insights


Innovation & Industry 4.0 (Do You Have a Culture of Innovation?)

During a review of a business' attitudes and use of Innovation & Industry 4.0, it is typical for companies to currently see the following in their operations:

  • Little investment spent on R&D innovation
  • Lack of engagement in the need for change
  • Team comfortable doing business the way it has always been done

Embedding a culture of innovation and embracing technology is vital for a business to become a "Digital Master". HanaTech typically help business transform their operations to achieve this title in the following ways:

  • New technology explored and utilised
  • Empowered tech-savy team with digital skills
  • Continuous innovation to find ways to disrupt the market and stay relevant


Optimise Productivity and Improve Innovation Today

Using the data from the review, anonymised results will be populated into a ranking table and shared with participants to provide a useful comparison benchmark. The overall industry baseline results and trends will be shared with appropriate Manufacturing associations and via the HanaTech website.

HanaTech is a West Midlands based consultancy specialising in Digital Process Improvement, passionate about supporting small to medium businesses within the Manufacturing industry to move from Traditional factories towards factories of the Future, one quick win at a time...

To arrange a complimentary initial Digital Baseline Review contact 01384 913 010 or email [email protected]