Back to Basics - Starter Pack

By HanaTech ltd
schedule2nd Jun 21

Do we REALLY know the Jargon? 🤔

We are excited to reveal a little project we've been working on:

HanaTech's Back to Basics - Starter Pack!


The pack covers 6 topics which we will be revealing over the next few weeks on our website and if that weren't enough, you can even grab a FREE pdf download (don't say we didn't treat you all 🥳)

After research we have found that although the Manufacturing Industry is full of knowledge and skills, sometimes people aren't aware of what Industrial Jargon means, from beginners to the experienced.


The 1st 2 topics:

- The Change Curve

- What are Processes?

We hope our starter pack is useful to getting that head start 💨🏭🦾


Visit our website now to get your Back to Basics download: